21 Duel Blackjack

21 Duel Blackjack is a new version of the more traditional game of Blackjack which has been played at land based and online casinos for years and years.

The object of the game is to hold cards to the value of 21, but if you are unable to get the exact amount of 21, cards as close as possible will do.

In any game of Blackjack cards are counted as follows: Ace can either be considered a one or eleven. Two to nine get taken at face value and Ten, Jack, Queen and King all have the value of ten.

At the beginning of Blackjack, an Anti is placed on the table and two cards are dealt – one set to the dealer and one set to the player plus two extra cards (community cards) will be placed on the table. One card in the dealers hand and one card in the players hand will now be turned over and the two community cards will be exposed.

When the player has had a chance to look at both cards, a decision can be made to fold, stand or ask for a hit. If you fold, you will lose the anti that was originally placed on the table, but should you wish to add another card to your set, a second wager has to be placed on the table and one of the community cards will be used.

If both you and the banker/dealer and player both have reasonably good hands, then there will be a standoff between the two and the person who has cards closest to the value of 21 will be the winner and will be entities to the pot.

This is all very similar to the normal version of Blackjack, except here you get the two community cards plus here you also get a “2 Up” side bet. This side bet is definitely an optional extra and works on the two cards that are placed face up on the table together with the community cards. The player who does not exceed the value of 21, or has close to or exactly 21 will be the winner and will walk away with the pot.