European Blackjack

Oh what an exciting Blackjack game the European variation is. The whole idea behind any blackjack game is to hold cards in your hand that hold the value of exactly, or as close to 21 as possible.

European Blackjack is Slightly Different than American Blackjack

One of the differences in European blackjack is the method of the dealer revealing his face down card. The dealer will not reveal his face down card to you until the end of the hand. Depending on the cards you are dealt, this might make betting choices more difficult for you. Some players say it also adds a bit of excitement to their hands.

Eight decks of cards are used in each European Blackjack game and cards are always reshuffled between each game. A wager is placed on the table and two cards are dealt to the player and two to the house. The card point values are an Ace is taken as one or eleven. The Ten, Jack, Queen and King all taken at ten and two to Nine at face value.

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Be Prepared to Split Your Hand at the Appropriate Times

The players cards are placed face up on the table whereas the houses cards are placed one face down and one face up. Decisions are made by the player now, considering the cards they hold in their hand and considering the one face up card of the house. You have to decide whether to take a hit, split or stand, before the dealer reveals his card. Should a player take a hit and end up with a total exceeding 21, the game will come to an end immediately. In those cases the player is over 21 also known as being bust.

If a player at this stage has two card of the same numerical value, the cards may be split and two separate hands will then be played. But if you split Aces, then only one more card may be dealt to you for each hand.

However, once the player has decided to take a stand, the house will then reveal its second card. If they have 16 or less they have to take a hit but if they have to stand on a soft 17.

Additional European Blackjack Rules and Payouts

Further rules pertaining to European Blackjack as as follows. Blackjack pays out 3:2, Insurance pays 2:1. Double Down on 9,10 or 11, Double Down on Splits, No Splitting on 4, 5 and 10 valued cards.

No re-splits and no Peek means that if the house gets 21 (Blackjack) then player looses total bets placed including splits and double downs.

This game certainly adds an added element of excitement to the classic Blackjack game as it has a few really entertaining and exhilarating extra elements to it.

European Blackjack Offered at Many Casino

You will find that European blackjack variant is offered at many online casinos. Below we will list a few of the best place you can visit and play.

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