Face Up 21 Blackjack

Face Up 21 Blackjack is a fantastic game as in this game you not only get to see your own cards, but you get to see the dealers cards as well. That means all cards are on the table face up, and really strategic and logical decisions can be made regarding the progress of the game and betting strategies.

The rules that are attached to this game are as follows:

Eight regular decks of playing cards are used for this game. The cards are always taken back into the pack after a game, and cards are reshuffled.

You may surrender your hand at the beginning of the game if you do not like the cards that you have dealt, especially if you feel that the dealer/banker has a better hand than you.

The dealer may take a hit if he/she has a total value of 16/17 (depending on specific game rules) or less, but if 17/18 are dealt, then they have to stand.

You may split any two cards of the same value in this game, and the rules will apply to each hand individually. A second bet will have to be placed, equivalent to the first bet, on the table.

You may double down on any 9, 10 or 11 in any normal or split hand.

The disadvantage of this game is that any up to 8 decks of cards are used to play this game which seriously minimizes your chances of getting the cards that you are looking for, but some online casinos offer a fewer deck rate, so undoubtedly you would like to find those casino and play there.

The advantage is of course that although the dealer is governed by certain rules as to when he can take a hit or when he has to stand, you as the player are not and because you can see the dealers’ cards you can make calculated choices in regards to your next move.

Face 11 Black is an easy and exciting variation of Blackjack and a game that could truly keep you busy for hours. Here you do not need to know hoards of rules and regulations; you can just enjoy the game.