8 Deck Blackjack

The history of Blackjack is slightly steeped in mystery, and no one is quite sure where this game originated. Some believe that it was played in France around the 1700, when games such as Chemin de Fer and French Ferme were in vogue, and yet some believe it comes from the Spanish game called “one and Thirty” where you had to reach a total of 31 with your first three cards.

Whatever the origins of this game are, one thing is for sure, this is one very popular and exciting game and with all the variations one can play, of which 8 Deck Blackjack is only one, its popularity is only increasing.

As in any Blackjack game, Ten Jack, Queen and King all have the value of ten, two to nine are taken at face value and Ace can either be used as a one or as eleven.

At the beginning of any game of Blackjack, an Anti is placed on the table where after two cards are dealt to the dealer and to the player. It does not matter how many other people are sitting around a blackjack table, the player always plays the dealer and does not play the players who are sitting at the same table.

The whole intention of this game is to get cards to add up to the value of 21. Go over twenty one, and the player or banker is bust, but if you have under you will still be in the game. If the value of your hand is low, in other words, you hold a total of either four or five, then you can ask the dealer for a hit – and you will be given an extra card until you decide to stand.

Once this stage of the game comes, all cards are revealed and the person who holds the closest value to 21 will now be declared the winner and the bets will be paid out.

The only variation that 8 Deck Blackjack brings to the Blackjack game is that instead of using the normal 1 full pack of 52 cards, a full 8 packs of 52 cards is used which gives each game a total of 416 different cards to play.