Live Online Blackjack

There is an element of simplicity and excitement in playing live blackjack online, a game that has been made popular by a variety of developers as a result of growing popularity. Players often enjoy being able to play in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to playing on the gaming floor at a land-based casino.

The mic-to-text option, which is always available on the floor for dealers and players, allows players to converse directly with the dealers and gain a better understanding of the game. With a simplified user interface, live blackjack can be played in real-time, allowing the player to focus directly on the action taking place on the table.

Playing Live Blackjack

Playing Blackjack Live does have similar aspects to playing at a land-based casino but there are more benefits for players to utilize by playing live online.

A player can take up to three seats at the table when playing a 6-deck game. If there are no seats available at the time, then there is an option to back bet behind another player who is already playing.

When the dealer receives the two cards, he or she will ask the player if they would like to hit or stand, and if the player’s up card is an Ace, then the dealer will offer Insurance. Insurance is usually worth 2:1 in most cases.

Live Blackjack By ViG Benefits

One of the most popular live gaming studios is provided by Visionary Gaming, or ViG, and the benefit of them being so popular is they are in many online casinos today.

Unlike many other live blackjack studios online, the ViG studio’s live video stream is smooth, detailed, and provides smooth gameplay responses for the players. As a result of the user-friendly interface, players can focus directly on the exciting live experience before they even start betting.

On the floor, there are usually several games open at once. A minimum of seven seats are available at each table. There is only one way to play this immensely entertaining casino variant: through a desktop or laptop computer.

As mentioned above, a simplified interface is provided through this game, so players can concentrate on the live game directly. Live feeds are impeccable throughout the day. No lag appears to occur on their end at any time. ViG also offers players an early pay-out option which we will elaborate on below.

Screenshot Provided

Below we have provided a screenshot of what you will see as a player when you play live blackjack at a casino that uses ViG live gaming software.

coyote cash image


Blackjack Early Payout Option

This option is totally exclusive and offered by ViG for the benefit of the players.

The reason for this is that, as the name implies, it provides early payouts to players. Cash ratings are assigned to your hands as you play. Depending on your odds of winning the hand, this score will go down, but it will increase if you appear more likely to lose. It is possible to cash out your rating for an early payment at any time instead of taking action or receiving a card.

There is no doubt that this pay-out will be less than if you had won the hand, but it can be quite close – up to around 80% if the system considers the hand to be incredibly likely to win.

Additional Bets

Additional Bets are the most common and preferred to play American version of the game.

In blackjack, all you need to do is determine how many chips you want to place in the centre. The top right or top left corner of the game screen is where players can place Rummy Bets and Pairs Bets.

There is an 11:1 payout on Pairs Side Bets, so bigger wins can be awarded. Rummy pays only 9:1 compared to the other bets.

You should be aware that when using the automatic “Bet Behind” feature, there is little control over how bets are placed and used. The basic purpose of this feature is to allow punters to participate in gambling while others are playing. With the Bet Behind feature active, payouts are split 50/50.

In Comparison

It is no secret that live blackjack is one of the most exciting and popular games around, and multiple developers are producing it. ViG has an old-school interface, along with the lack of a more stylish-looking studio such as Playtech’s or Evolution’s, and they may not offer an overwhelming range of games, but we continue to recommend their Blackjack tables highly because of the extra bets they offer and their user-friendly software.

In addition to the unique features of the game, the ideal play tips and the surrender options provided, it is sure to appeal to first-time players learning to play the game.


It does not matter whether you are playing European Blackjack or American blackjack, Visionary iGaming’s live dealers will provide you with a smooth experience regardless of what you are playing. In addition to being able to represent the platform and the game better each year.

ViG Live Online Blackjack Dealers are the Best

ViG dealers have now also been recognized as some of the best in the business for two years in a row for their performances as well as their representations of the ViG platform and the game.

You can enjoy an award-winning experience right now, by simply signing up at an online casino that offers live blackjack games.


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